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The Story

3AM revolves around DIANA, a young, soft-spoken woman.

One night, she heads out  to her local Home and Garden supply store,

FIX-EM-UP's. She just wants to find what she needs, make her purchase and head back home.

She instead meets TRAVIS, an employee of FIX-EM-UP's, who is sent to help her. Travis is an imposing figure; he stands nearly a foot

above her, has a broad build and says almost nothing

throughout the process.

His supervisor, LANSING, a chain-smoking, apathetic man, 

plays Travis off as mentally-handicapped, assuring Diana that

there's nothing going on in his head. She is unwilling to believe that, sensing something else behind Travis' reserved demeanor and gripping stare.

Travis also sees something in Diana, who is more timid than the average person, drawing back from him whenever he approaches.

He seeks to find out what she is hiding, and perhaps even fix it himself.


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